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Claritone Hearing Aid centre, Speech therapy Clinic
India's first ISO 9001 2015 certified hearing aid centre

We are a team of hearing and hearing aid Experts with highly experienced professional with personalized Service.

Well Trained Professionals

We are a dedicated team of speech and hearing professionals with hearing aid expertise services to people with hearing impairment and speech disorders.

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Best care taking

If you think you might have hearing loss and could benefit from a hearing aid, visit our audiologist. He will help you and investigate the cause of the hearing loss.

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Advanced Technology

We deal with world’s most innovative technology advanced Hearing aid and accessories that’s suits our modern generation style with invisible and compatibility.

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Our Speciality

Our clinic in a comfortable air-conditioned ambience along with state–of–the–art gadgets, our dedicated team offers a whole range of services, making them a one-stop solutions for hearing assistance. Our centre has specialized acoustically designed sound treated room equipped with high quality audiometers, impedance meters, oae and bera with ansi standards calibration.

Our qualified audoilogists also assist the hearing impaired with a diligent, unbiased and friendly advice. After a through consultation, we recommend...

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Our audiologists are hearing care experts who provide patient education and effective counseling on hearing-related topics to improve self confidence and..

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Hearing aids are programmed and adjusted to the satisfaction of patients, with the help of the most modern computerized equipment. The use...

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A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear. Unlike hearing aids, which make..

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What our patients say

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